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Sea & Earth

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Our schooner Mary Panela, exclusive for our guests at Pousada Literária on family or exclusive groups is central to our experience of Sea and Earth.

The gourmet schooner anchored in Mamanguá bag with chef Bertrand Materne and staff, is supported by our fleet of motor boats, seeking guests of the Inn at the port of Paraty Literary and lead them to this paradise. The Mamanguá bag is a sea inlet with 8 km long and 2 km wide. It has 33 beaches and 8 caiçaras communities.

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The Mamanguá bag bottom has a beautiful mangrove area preserved. The biodiversity of the place really impressive. Many species of trees, bromeliads, flowers can be seen. In the swamp, they can be easily seen many birds and crabs.

Guests are welcomed in a welcome cocktail with the famous Brazilian and sparkling caipirinhas and can opt for walks by the sea with our support equipment - kayaks, stand-ups and canoes of local fishermen - or the trails of the mountains that circle the bag Mamanguá. All seagoing and land tours are accompanied by local guides.

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At the end of the tours, lunch at Schooner Maria Panela is served, with time for consideration this unique experience in a natural and protected place of beauty - and return to the port of Paraty, greeted by the staff of the Inn Literary.

Certainly a different and unique experience that combines the natural beauty, fine cuisine, the simplicity and richness of the local culture of Paraty and its charms Sea and Earth.

Sea and Earth must be booked in advance to check in. Values and availability on request.

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